There are so many things that a wedding venue can do to be environmentally friendly, from ensuring that they only serve paper straws with your reception drinks, to recycling all the empty bottles at the end of the night. 
However, a few venues go that extra mile, such as Wellington Barn in Calstone, that runs on energy powered by it's own solar panels. 
One of the most beautiful and eco friendly venues in Wiltshire, has to be Langford Lakes (pictured above).  Not only is it a birdwatching paradise, it is one of the most tranquil locations, and being run by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, when you hire this venue, your money is being put to a very good use by a charity that is preserving and protecting local wildlife.  Langford Lakes is also one of the first zero waste wedding venues in the UK.
When it comes to choosing your perfect wedding venue, the best thing you can do is ask your wedding coordinator what green measures they have in place.
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