It should be the case with all of your wedding suppliers, that local is best - having that local knowledge and lower carbon footprint.  I always recommend suppliers that have particularly impressed me, not only with their professional skills but also with their personality in making your wedding day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.
One of my favourite local Make-Up Artists to work with is Leanna Biggs, not only is she incredibly talented, but conscious about the impact her industry has on the planet.
As a professional Makeup Artist I naturally carry a lot of products and as time goes by I’m getting more mindful about the impact my business could have on the environment. Unfortunately, lots of cosmetic packaging is plastic, which is impossible to avoid, but I’m careful to recycle all paper, cardboard and empty tubes/pots. I even reuse them, where possible and when it’s practical, and it only takes a bit of extra time to wash them out etc. 
There are quite a few charities around now that accept used mascara wands to help care for small wild animals. You just need to wash them and send them off. If you search for this on the internet you’ll find a number of places that will accept them. 
Personally, I now use disposable bamboo handled wands in my kit (yay to ditching the plastic!) and I save them all up to help our furry/feathered friends. I’m going 100% cruelty-free with both my makeup and hair kits, which is another area for consumers to consider when purchasing makeup and hair products. More and more high-end and High Street brands are heading this way, which is fantastic. If you’re unsure then you can easily find out whether a company is classed as being Cruelty-Free online. Please note that if a cosmetic company sells in China they will have to (under Chinese law) test their products on animals. 
If we can all be more mindful about how and what we’re buying/discarding we don’t have to compromise on making ourselves look and feel beautiful, but the environment will be much richer for it!
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