Jamie McDine is a film maker and photographer living in Frome and working in the surrounding counties. He is a proud dad to two boys and when he's not photographing weddings, or enjoying family life with his boys, he enjoys baking home made artisan pizza, playing acoustic guitar and singing, or catching up with a friend over a game of tennis.
He also works for a music charity to bring opportunities to people in isolated communities, and inspires young people with animation and film workshops.
Having recently set up a community recycling project and becoming a zero waste household by eco-bricking all non-recyclable waste, Jamie is keen to provide others with eco friendly inspiration and ideas, both for their wedding day and for daily life!
His home, office and equipment are powered by renewable energy and he only covers weddings within an hour's radius of his home - meaning a much lower carbon footprint, as well as having better local knowledge, contacts and relationships with the wedding venues, vicars and wedding suppliers in Wiltshire, Bath, Somerset and the Costwolds.
If you would like him to film or photograph your wedding day then please get in touch via the contact page, and if you would like to support this project then please spread the word and share the love for our planet.
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