Fast fashion and the mass consumption of clothing has had a devastating affect on the planet. So what can we do, and what should we think about when it comes to buying a wedding dress, not to mention the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen's suits?
One of the simplest solutions to minimise your environmental impact is to hire a wedding dress, or to buy one second hand.  However, there are other ways to get the perfect dress, so that your purchase supports local dress makers, as well as being eco friendly.
The key questions are: Who made my dress, and where did they source the material? 
If you can't get this information, then the chances are it is not The Dress for the eco conscious bride.
Why not find a beautiful vintage wedding dress and have it altered to fit you, or source some beautiful recycled fabric and have it turned into a wedding dress for you - this way the material is being reused and you are supporting your local dress maker. You may also want to make some additions to the dress to personalise it, and make it that bit extra special.
Did you want your bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to be worn once and then donated to a charity shop, or something that your friends and children will love wearing again and again?  Researching the origin of the dresses and thinking about what use they will have now and in the future should also be part of your decision making process - as well as the colour, style and pattern of the fabric.
Poot are based in Frome, and are a collaborative of dress-makers and source vintage dresses and materials. 
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